Case Study: Construction of a Lift Shaft

Client: A specialist social accommodation provider

Contract: Construction of lift shaft

Contract value: Undisclosed

Contract duration: 12 weeks

       Before Lift Shaft built Northampton     Lift pit excavation Northamptonshire

       Concrete base for Lift Shaft Northants     External walls to lift shaft

The Problem: Careful Construction Required

The owners of this specialised accommodation approached R Richardson to design and construct a lift shaft to accommodate a second passenger lift to serve the needs of their residents. Many of the residents were elderly and the planning and execution of the works had to be designed to achieve their long term needs, minimise disruption and maintain the means of escape whilst the work was in progress.

Careful location of the new lift shaft was critical and close liaison with the local fire authority, the residents and management team of the provider engaging in a series of design meetings determined the final position of the new lift shaft and a detailed scheme was agreed and approved by all the stakeholders.

The Solution: Considered Project Approach

A detailed pre-contract planning exercise was carried out to ensure that the Health and Safety of the residents and members of staff was not compromised, alternative means of escape routes were designed and included a package of temporary signage and emergency lighting. Access and egress to the building by the emergency and ambulance services was to be maintained at all times, many of the residents had disabilities and mobility

Prior to the main construction work, a series of enabling works were carried out including the diversion of sections of the mains and surface water drainage, data cabling and incoming gas main were completed.

Following on from the diversion works, the construction of the reinforced concrete lift pit was commenced, a high degree of accuracy was required and special attention was paid to the formation of a totally waterproof barrier to the base and side walls of the pit.

The lift pit was approved by engineers from the lift supplier, the enclosing brickwork lift shaft was commenced including the insertion of a reinforced concrete floor linked to the main structure and the construction of a new pitched roof tied into the existing structure.

Lift shaft builtThe breakthrough into the main building was carried out in phases to ensure that the residents were not disrupted and the final handover and commissioning of the lift and fire alarm services was carried out by engineers in partnership with the management team of Eleonore House.

The Outcome: Completion on Schedule and on Budget

Detailed planning was the key to success and we are pleased that in spite of the technical challenges and a spell of prolonged cold and wet weather the project was completed to the delight of the customer and culminated in an opening ceremony carried out by the Lord Mayor.